Sunday, 7 September 2014

Sunday Funday #2

Today I had the pleasure of my 2 girls in shed.
Miss C did some beading.  

And made this bracelet. 

Miss E got inspiration from tumblr.

And with a little help she made this purse.

After a bit of tidying I put a back together.

For this quilt.

In the meantime Mr G started work on the shack.
A new temporary home for our son.

The girls are looking far too comfortable in the shed.
It's my hsppy place, so as long as they are happy they are welcome. 


  1. You have a very handy husband! I still envy you your shed.

  2. Lovely to spend time like this with your girls. Wish I could get mine to do something similar. And very pleased to see you don't have to give your shed up!