Sunday, 6 July 2014

Love, hate, love

Many years ago,  maybe 5 or more?
I had the pleasure of attending a workshop with The Man himself KAFFE FASSETT.
My dear friend Anna and I were so excited,  just like a couple of good groupies should be.  We didn't care what we would be making, we were going.

Did we enjoy it?
OMG we were in the presence of our idol, even if he was aloof, unapproachable and sitting on his own sewing mother of pearl buttons onto a lovely navy kinitted beanie.
We were playing with beautiful fabric and surrounded by like minded addicts.
We had a delicious picnic lunch outside in the sunshine.
Of course we enjoyed it.

Did we learn anything?
I went with the expectation that he would teach me how he does was he does.  Combines colours and patterns in the way only he can.
Well I learnt that,  only he can do what he does and only I can do what I do.
Basically,  put it together,  if you are happy with it, yay, if not change it until you are.  If you love it, you have a beautiful thing.

Would I go again?
If you asked me that straight after the course, I would have said, no, it was hideously expensive, we were told to buy twice the amount of fabric that we required, Kaffee was unapproachable,
( Brandon was amazing, his partner, he wore the most amazing shirt that I would of taken off his back and incorporated into my
Quilt).  And I felt he taught us nothing.
It's taken awhile, but I did learn the lesson above, if you love it you have a beautiful thing.  It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.
So would I go again, of course I would.

I loved making this quilt.
At the workshop they had fabric for sale,  not just Kaffe's.
When I adked Kaffe if I had enough different fabrics, he said, you can never have
Too much, so took me shopping.  One of his recommendations wss a hideous pumpkin fabric
Which works beautifully. 

The longer this quilt top sat around in the wsiting to quilt pile the less
I liked it, but I new I would always finish and keep it as Kaffe has actually touched it.

To get it finished,  I quilted it simply in large squares.
The size of the smallest squares. 

I decided to back it in kaffe fabrics, thimbles and threads, the local quilt shop,
Had a sale on, and now that it's quilted and bound.
I love

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