Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Long Awaited Wedding

I have a very dear friend who I have lived with, partied with, laughed with and cried with.  
We have been good friends for many many years.
This weekend we had the privilege of spending the weekend at  Waiouru Army base to celebrate her marriage to the amazing Dave.

For a wedding present what else would I give but a quilt.

I chose the plus design.
It's a lot of fun to make and makes good of the design wall

I subtly ask her what her favourite colour was.
Tourquoise - not my favourite colour and not one I had much of.
Now I am rather fond of it.
I am so pleased with the result.

Cross Hatched quilting 1/2 apart.
Gives great visual and tactile textile.

It's hard to see but the entrance to the base says
Welcome all to David and Marise's Wedding

Great sight seeing the soldiers marching in lines

Our accommodation for the weekend.
The Officer's Mess
Not the wooden bunks we were expecting.

The Bride
She looked beautiful.
Just like she stepped out of Downton Abbey

The happy couple

Today we were taken on a bus tour around some of the training grounds.
And one of my lifetime dreams came true,
We saw the Kaimanawa Horses.

The base is massive, larger than Lake Taupo and a little smaller than Singapore.

What a fantastic weekend.

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  1. How cool, what a different venue for a wedding. The bride and groom look gorgeous. The quilt is lovely, I often start something using colours I'm not that keen on then end up loving it too,.